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Thank you for stopping by... Our story began 21 years ago when my daughter was born, her name is Montana. When faced with the concerns and fears that come with being given a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, I prayed, I prayed most importantly she and I would have an amazing relationship and that God would see us through the storms, He has faithfully.

I am honored to be her mother and to walk this life side by side. Here we are 21 years later a mother and daughter design team who believes that we are all here for a purpose. Seeing life through her eyes is my inspiration, it is what fills me up daily to keep going, keep creating, keep believing. Our goal is to change the conversation around individuals with different abilities to that of ..."What a beautiful journey you must be on..." rather than " I'm so very sorry"... we want to create a beautiful awareness that people with different abilities bring to our world that is so needed, a perspective that only through their lens will we see if we are willing to re-focus.

I have been so blessed to have a daughter who was born with most importantly the gifts, that come with Down Syndrome, it has been a challenging yet a joyful journey getting to know her and a more amazing journey having her show me who I am or should I say who I have become.

Montana's Heart company is more about sharing our journey with others , it is about breaking the barriers between "those people" to building the bridge and making it just people. Our apparel is meant to inspire, and the words seen on our clothing aren't just sweet words.

These words describe our journey and what we hold on to during the storms in life, they may mean something completely different to you, but that's okay because we are all wonderfully different. Us at Montana's Heart want to inspire you with these words that have meant so much to my daughter and I. Our hope is that they will give you encouragement as you go through your own journey.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful adventure and for your love and support.

Let's build these bridges together. Love always wins.

With Love ❤️

Kimberly and Montana - Montana's Heart

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