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About Us

About Montana's Heart

Thank you for stopping by... Our story began 25 years ago when my daughter was born, her name is Montana. I count myself immeasurably blessed to have a daughter who embodies the extraordinary gifts that come with Down Syndrome. Although our path has been strewn with challenges, it has also been adorned with immeasurable joy, as Montana has not only allowed me to discover who she is but has also guided me to a deeper understanding of my own identity.

Montana's Heart is a conduit for sharing our profound journey with othersโ€”a conduit that dismantles barriers, transcending the divisions between "us" and "them," until we are all just people, united by our common humanity. Our apparel serves as a heartfelt source of inspiration, with words that are far from empty phrases.

These words encapsulate our shared journey and serve as beacons of strength during life's fiercest storms. While their meanings may vary, resonating differently with each individual, we wholeheartedly embrace the beautiful diversity that defines us. At Montana's Heart, our purpose is to inspire you with the very words that have shaped Montana's and my own existence. May they infuse you with courage as you navigate the intricate tapestry of your own journey.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your presence in this awe-inspiring adventure, and for the boundless love and support you have bestowed upon us. Together, let us construct bridges that unite every soul, for it is through love that triumph prevails.

With Love,
Kimberly and Montana - Montana's Heart